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Maxine has been a pet owner of various pets since she was a child. Her pet-loving family, all of whom are animal lovers, strictly abstain from eating the meat of endangered species, such as the famous shark’s fin soup, and also frown upon the merciless killing of animals all over the world.

As an animal lover, Maxine knows that a little goes a long way, and that every bit counts. As pet owners in Singapore continually seek to give the best they can to their pets, the water dish will strive to provide the education and means to aid in this process. the water dish also hopes that there would be fewer cases of animals dying due to negligence and pet abuse with the constant education of the public.

the water dish philosophies are simple. Just like its name, the water dish is essentially a bowl which our beloved pets feed from. It is important as the pet’s diet and nutrition depends on what you put in that dish. You are what you eat. Same goes for your pet! And just like that, we at the water dish have a vision and mission to help you, pet owners, and your pets, to lead a healthy and happy life together.

You can make a choice for your pet, we are here to help.
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