How To Dye Your Pet's Hair

Coloured poodle

In today's world, there are a lot of people who like to include their pets when celebrating special holidays, festivities and events such as Halloween. If you are planning to celebrate a special holiday or occasion with your beloved pet, you may want to consider dyeing your pet's hair to add more flair and style to the festivity. Through dyeing, you can now style your pet to be as fashionable as the owner!

Caveat: While some pets enjoy their dyed hair, others may be traumatised by it or develop allergic reactions. For adverse cases, you should remove the dye as soon as possible. If in doubt, consult a vet!

If you are planning to dye your pet's hair, you should check out these tips.

Choose the Right Hair Dye
Most human hair coluoring products contain bleaching and peroxide agents that can be harmful to pets and animals.

Pet Bites

When dyeing your pet's hair, be sure that the dye product you are going to use is either non-toxic or a professional pet hair dye. In addition, you should avoid using human hair coloring products as they are not safe for dog and cat use.
Wash the Pet Before dyeing your pet's hair, wash your pet from top to bottom and from tip to tail using a gentle pet shampoo. After which, rinse your pet thoroughly and towel dry him or her.
Work Outdoors It is best to work outdoors to avoid staining your furniture and walls, just in case your cat or dog gets loose. To avoid staining your floors, you should put your pet on old newspapers or towels while you wait for her or his hair to dry.
Wear Suitable Clothes Since dyeing a pet's hair can become a messy project, it is best for you to wear clothing that you do not mind getting dirty.
Apply the Dye Mix and apply the dye to your pet's hair according to the instructions provided in the pet hair dye product. Most pet hair dyeing products contain detailed instructions on how to apply the dye in your pet's hair. After applying the dye to the desired areas of the pet's hair, allow it to set for fifteen minutes. During this period, make sure to keep your pet relaxed and still.
Rinse After the dyeing process, rinse out the dye with cool water as water at high temperatures may wash the colour out of your pet's hair.